Managed + Optimized Hosting for Magento & WordPress

Average is not good enough for ecommerce.

Not all hosts are the same – in fact you may be surprised to learn that many of the mainstream “cheap” hosting companies maintain their servers in the same building managed by a third party. These low cost hosts have a massive number of customers and combined support a mind boggling number of websites sharing resources. The business model is quantity over quality and the service reflects it. If you want to host your vacation photos there on your personal blog they are perfectly fine. But if you are going to run a business through your website you need to get serious.
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WordPress Managed Hosting


Per Month
  • 30 GB Disk Space RAID-10
  • 75 GB/mo CDN Data Traffic
  • 250 GB/mo Bandwidth
  • 50 Additional Stores
  • E-mail Hosting Included
Compare at Nexcess: Better than WP-OBP 200

Magento Managed Hosting


Per Month
  • 60 GB Disk Space RAID-10
  • 250 GB/mo CDN Data Traffic
  • 250 GB/mo Bandwidth
  • 25 Additional Stores
  • E-mail Hosting Included
Compare at Nexcess: Better than SIP 300

Magento and WordPress Managed Hosting Specifications

  • 2x Hex Core E5-2420 1.9 Ghz
  • Redis Cache & Memcached
  • 24 GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM
  • 5K SAS in RAID 10 HDD configuration
  • Git Code Repository
  • Hardware Battery-backed with 256MB write Cache
  • Secured, regularly updated X86 64bit CentOS Linux OS
  • APF (Advanced Policy Firewall) tuned for security and speed
  • Fully burstable 100BaseTX, redundant Internet connections
  • CloudFlare DNS Management (Optional)

Why Hosting With Us Is So Great

We don’t own our servers. We lease entire servers from Nexcess hosting. Their server admins support us and our clients 24/7. Their servers are optimized for Magento and WordPress hosting and we limit the sites on each server to only our clients and never more than the number that would tax resources. Our service also includes use of Nexcess’s content delivery network (CDN) which distributes your images and site code to nodes around the world giving faster response times abroad.

We are your point of contact for all hosting issues and we pick up the phone. We also work with Nexcess admins regularly to monitor performance & security.

If you asked us to recommend a host we’d recommend Nexcess but by going through us you get sort of a “group buy” with our other clients and get a dedicated hosting package for a fraction of what you’d pay them for a shared package.

We’re not a “hosting company” so our hosting is only available to our clients but you’ll not find a better value for managed Magento or WordPress hosting.

What Is Optimized Hosting?

Our servers run on a combination of heavily optimized software and top of the line hardware, all hosted in Nexcess’ secure, modern Data Centers. Listed below are some of the extensive optimizations Nexcess makes to ensure that the our plans remain the premiere Magento & WordPress hosting platform.

Review everything that is included in our Nexcess optimized hosting servers.