Magento Weight Units Defined


One of the questions we are asked by Magento clients all the time is what the weight setting in Magento represents. Is it ounces, pounds, kilograms? The common answer you will see online is that the Magento weight unit is whatever you want it to be as specified in your Magento shipping service setup. That’s technically correct but doesn’t help you much if … Read More

Modern SEO: Focusing on Topics


Building SEO-Focused Pages to Serve Topics & People Rather than Keywords & Rankings From’s Whiteboard Friday This interesting short video from the blog discusses the “modern” way that we look at SEO: focusing on not only organizing and building your pages to get more traffic from the people that you really are trying to target (and thus more sales), … Read More

Great New WordPress Website

MarkDesign, General, Wordpress is a architectural design training service and development consulting firm. Their previous site was hacked and taken offline. They came to us to rescue the data from their old site and to help them redesign their training business model. Previously it had been through live 1 to 1 training engagements. They wished to change to recorded video training segments … Read More