“How much do you charge?”

MarkGeneral, Online Marketing, SEO

qandaYou’re interested in a new website, hoping it will help build your business online.  So you ask the big question:

“How much do you charge?”

If you ask many other website development companies, they’ll shoot a question right back at you – “What’s your budget?”  This question makes you nervous, and rightfully cautious: whatever price you tell them, they’ll charge you, right?

Here at Commerce Forge, we ask you a different question: “What are your goals?”  

Rather than give you a complicated sounding proposal with a cheap price tag – a price that will be a loss for you in the end – we listen.  We look at your business, understand your revenue goals, and help you achieve them, building from the ground up.

If your goal is to increase your revenue to “X” amount in the next year, we’ll look at the numbers with you and help you head toward that goal, using a steady, logical, systematic growth plan.  There are three phases in our simple growth strategy: the Invest Phase, the Break-Even Phase, and the Profit phase.  We’ll help you realistically plan, month by month, to get you to the Profit phase, and eventually, strategically, to “X”.  Perhaps beyond “X”!

We’re saddened by what we see in the technology marketplace – lots of companies selling businesses a pretty website with no real functionality, no strategy for Marketing or exploring other online revenue markets, and SEO package plans that Google not only ignores but turns away.  Many businesses that we work with have been burned by those companies in the past, wasting money on cheap promises and seeing no profitable outcome.  We’ve see this one too many times, we understand, and we want to help!

So while we may not have an ‘easy’ answer to “How much do you charge?”, we have a helpful, clear and logical response: “What are your goals? We’d like to help you get there.”