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Success Depends On Strategy

Ecommerce is a complicated field that comprises technology, marketing, sales and logistics. Unless your business has specialists in all of these areas, you’ll have blind spots. As a result, you’ll lack the holistic perspective needed to pinpoint the actual sources of problems and create effective solutions. Commerce Forge brings expertise in all aspects of ecommerce to properly define, manage and deliver a solution that is suited to your business. We can help you develop your initial digital strategy which encompasses both technology and marketing or we can work to identify problems and improve your current strategy.

How We Deliver Digital Strategy

Depending on your preferences, we can deliver ecommerce consulting / digital strategy services on a project or weekly basis, or as part of an end-to-end solution.

  • Project Based Consulting

    For organizations needing help with strategy or help solving problems, we can work on those items within a specific project scope.

  • Ecommerce Support Plans

    Our ecommerce support plans contain an element of strategy consulting and are a great cost effective way to keep consistent focus on strategy.

  • Development Projects

    Our development projects all begin with work to define or at least understand your digital strategy.

Add 15+ Years of Experience to Your Team

Mark B Marquis: President / Director of Strategy


Mark leads our digital strategy team and the analytical, data-driven aspects of our work. His experience in areas such as development, SEO, marketing, technology, inventory management, shipping and integrations goes back to the late 90’s.

His understanding of all the ecommerce nuts and bolts combined with the ability to see the big picture makes him our go-to guy for tying things together into complete digital strategies that work.

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