E-Commerce KPI Calculator

Calculate your web store's key performance indicators & discover where to focus for better sales results.

One of the things I love about e-commerce is the ability to easily use data to drive marketing decisions! Your online store's success can be measured by its Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). There are many KPIs and Micro KPIs that can be tracked but they all really add up to only three. 

Web Sessions

Total visits to your website. This is comes from Google Analytics. Use "Sessions" instead of "Users" because a customer may visit several times before purchasing. That's something you can improve upon so measure it!

Conversion Rate / %

The % of Sessions that complete a transaction - probably a sale.  It's calculated by dividing your Orders by Web Sessions then multiplying the result by 100 to turn it into a percentage.

Average Order Value

The average order size for your web store. It's calculated by dividing your web sales by your orders. We recommend not including shipping and tax in your web sales but do include discounts.  

Use the calculators below to discover what KPIs are really holding you back and where you should put you focus.

Step 1: Determine Your Current KPIs

Enter your sessions, orders and sales for the period you want to improve, e.g. last year, last month, etc. 

[convertcalculator id="eNF8TgBD4a8K8yTig"]

Step 2: Use Your KPIs to Target Improvement

Now enter your Sessions and the Conversion Rate and Average Order Value you just generated. This should result in your sales matching in both calculators (sometimes there can be a small rounding error). 

Tweaking your Web Sessions, Conversion Rate and Average Order Value to see which makes the most impact for you with the least cost and/or effort.