Great New WordPress Website

MarkDesign, General, Wordpress is a architectural design training service and development consulting firm. Their previous site was hacked and taken offline. They came to us to rescue the data from their old site and to help them redesign their training business model. Previously it had been through live 1 to 1 training engagements. They wished to change to recorded video training segments with access to support through a private forum.

For this project we needed to use WordPress to enable the client to manage the site on their own easily but we also needed to add a private forum, ecommerce, streaming video capability and a way to sell access to specific video content.

We were happy to not only create a complex solution for their needs but are also delighted for them that we were able to redesign their site site dramatically without losing the colors and “essence” of their dated site. We were also able to optimize WordPress for speed (blazing fast speed ) even on an inexpensive host that outperformed the 500 lb Gorilla in the video training space, See what you think!


Original Site


Modernized New Site





Super Fast WordPress Website



Slower Competitive Site with Significantly More Resources



We feel pretty good about this one!