Client Email Setup Instructions

Access your email via web browser here →

Basic configuration settings for all clients

For clients that host websites with Commerce Forge and who use our servers for their email hosting (as opposed to Google Apps or Microsoft 356 for example) the following guide to setting up your email will get you up and running quickly.


If we migrated your current email addresses to our server then the email address will be your username. You must use your full email address for your username, not just the section before the “@.” For example, the username for would be


If we migrated your current email accounts we usually would not have known each user’s password. So we most likely assigned you a default password that was sent to your company contact for your account. If you do not know your password, please request it from them before asking us to reset it.

Incoming and outgoing mail server

If you use a shared or dedicated server, using the server’s hostname is the easiest choice:

  • Incoming (POP3 or IMAP) mail server:
  • Outgoing (SMTP) mail server:

Account type

We recommend IMAP protocol over POP protocol because the former generally possesses all the advantages and none of the disadvantages of the latter.

  • For IMAP, use port 993.
  • For POP3, use port 995.

SMTP setting

  • Use port 587 for the SMTP setting on all email clients.


Our server does not support non-encrypted setups.

When specifying the settings for the incoming and outgoing server, select SSL encryption for incoming and TLS for outgoing. (If TLS fails to perform properly, use SSL for both.)

Email Client-Specific Instructions

For specific installation instructions regarding your particular client, select the corresponding link to the email client developer’s website.

If you have problems with email setup after reviewing and trying the steps outlined in this article, please send email through an alternate address to and please let us know what error(s) you are seeing.

Also, if you are having trouble setting up your mail client and need to access your mail, don’t forget you can also access your email via the webmail server here:

Changing Your Default Password

When your new email account was created we likely assigned you a default password. If you wish to change your password you may do so via your webmail. To change your password go to your webmail login here: You will be asked to choose a email theme to view your email with. In this example we selected the first, “Horde/IMP”. You can change your email by clicking the icon shown below.