Meet Commerce Forge

COMMERCE (N): 1. the activity of buying and selling, especially on a large scale.

FORGE (V): 1. to form or make, especially by concentrated effort: 2. to move forward in a determined way although progress is difficult.


Our Company

We're Commerce Forge, a Veteran-owned US company with headquarters in New Hampshire.

We  help retailers and manufacturers harness technology and marketing tools to grow their business. We're a full-service ecommerce team that not only provides strategic advice, but also identifies and implements solutions to meet your goals.


Our values are simple and apply to dealings with clients, staff, partners and vendors. We prefer clients who share our values because it means great teamwork and better results.

  1. Open Minds: Nobody knows everything and you can learn something from anybody.
  2. Big Ears: We listen to each other, to clients and to anybody who has given us the privilege of communicating with us.
  3. Transparency: We're open and honest about all things mistakes, a billing practices or what we think is best.
  4. Respect: Nobody can do their best work if they don't feel valued.


New Hampshire Magento Consultant

Mark B Marquis

Founder & President

Our founder, Mark B Marquis, has 20+ years of experience developing successful ecommerce solutions spanning many platforms, products and industries. For 12 years prior to founding Commerce Forge Mark was a successful ecommerce leader for a several New England retailers and Manufacturers. With a knack for identifying core business needs and connecting them to creative technology solutions he was successful in getting ecommerce programs off the ground fast.

During this time Mark developed strategies and processes which allowed him to quickly assess needs and plan growth strategies. In 2011, Mark founded Commerce Forge LLC with the vision of providing the same solutions as an agency that he had been providing as an in-house employee. Today Commerce Forge is still evolving and perfecting unique strategies to help retailers and manufacturers grow.