Email Marketing

Are you getting the most email addresses?

Email marketing tools have made it easy for companies to manage their email marketing programs on their own. But being able to technically send an email does not equate to having a strategy that gets results. Does you current email marketing program address these questions?

1. Are you A/B testing your campaigns (or do you do the same thing every time)?

2. Are you tracking sales conversions from email?

3. Are you pushing your email campaigns out to social networks?

4. Are you connected to your ecommerce store or still manually moving data between systems?

5. Are your maximizing your transactional emails with any marketing at all?

6. What is your plan to get more email addresses?

7. Are you being compliant with CAN -SPAM Act and GDPR?

8. Is your list data accurate and current (or are you spending money maintaining useless contacts)?

Bonus Question: Did you know that 54% of shoppers will purchase products left in shopping carts if you subsequently offered email them with an offer at a lower price?

We can help ensure you address these questions as we customize an email program for you that includes both transactional and marketing emails. Our email marketing service is flexible. We can plan the schedule, design the emails, manage yours lists and monitor results. If you prefer, we can set up templates for your staff ane just handle all technical considerations.

Either way, we're here to advise you on strategies to get the most out of your transactional and marketing email efforts.