Basecamp Ending on September 4th 2018 + New Support System


We will be closing down Basecamp on September 4th 2018

Over the next few weeks we will be transitioning away from Basecamp. Basecamp has been a useful tool for project management, collaboration and support tickets but it’s no longer meeting our needs and it’s time to upgrade to a better system.

How We're Replacing Project Management & Collaboration

We will be transitioning project management and collaboration to Trello.

Your Basecamp “Project” will become a Trello “Board”.
Your Basecamp “Task Lists” will become Trello “Lists”.
Your Basecamp “Tasks” will become Trello “Cards”.
You will soon receive an invitation to join your Trello Board, meanwhile we will be transferring over your projects from Basecamp.
Your Basecamp files & data will be archived and sent to you.
As of August 20th, use Trello for managing projects with us.

No time to learn Trello? No problem. Just email any support requests to our new support email below and it will go into Trello for you.

Trello Resources to Get You Started

Replacing Customer Support - Our NEW Support System

We have transitioned support to a dedicated support and ticket system.

As of August 20th, you can open a new ticket by simply emailing [email protected]. This is creates a ticket in the system which is assigned to a support person and then escalated as needed.

You may also submit your ticket through our new helpdesk at https://[email protected].

You can use the Helpdesk to check the status of all tickets you’ve entered and eventually there will be a searchable knowledge-base there for helping you with commonly requested items.

The Helpdesk is connected to Trello and so we can move tickets to projects when needed but the Helpdesk allows us to receive notifications, escalate, prioritize and report on support tickets.

Now that we have a dedicated support tool to help us manage support requests, we  ask that you USE the system to send us requests!

Just send us support tickets to [email protected] or visit https://[email protected].*

* We are waiting for the SSL certificate to be installed on the helpdesk so if you receive a security warning in your browser its safe to ignore and proceed. We expect this to be cleared up in the next week.