Discover Your Helpdesk (and why you’ll want to)

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The Commerce Forge Helpdesk is a great benefit of working with Commerce Forge for Magento or WordPress ecommerce support. Through the Helpdesk you can submit tickets for things ranging from urgent support to general questions. You can even use it to submit details and attachments for use in your Trello projects.Of course you can open tickets automatically by sending an … Read More

Basecamp Ending on September 4th 2018 + New Support System


We will be closing down Basecamp on September 4th 2018Over the next few weeks we will be transitioning away from Basecamp. Basecamp has been a useful tool for project management, collaboration and support tickets but it’s no longer meeting our needs and it’s time to upgrade to a better system. How We’re Replacing Project Management & CollaborationWe will be transitioning … Read More

Gmail – 12 Things You Didn’t Know & Then Some

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We almost always recommend Gmail/Google Apps to our clients, so we liked seeing this article on CNN Money yesterday, with some new tips, apps, and features that make Gmail even more useful and resourceful. From everything we’ve seen, tried and tested, Google Apps is the best place to set up your email. Wherever your website moves, from server to server, … Read More

New Service Enhancements: SEO and Analytics

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Over the past few months we’ve added exciting new service enhancements for our clients. We want to share with you these great new SEO and analytics tools which will aid us in better identifying issues and opportunities as well as to help us to be even more successful together in building your business online. Here is an overview of these new services: … Read More

Redesign: Re-Evaluate and Simplify

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One of our websites was in need of a 2015 makeover – it was time for a redesign! The words “redesign” may fill some with dread, but absolutely thrill us (crazy & excitable ecommerce/designer people that we are). Rather than starting from scratch, there is a wealth of material to work with, to sort through, to move around, to refresh … Read More