New Service Enhancements: SEO and Analytics

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Over the past few months we’ve added exciting new service enhancements for our clients. We want to share with you these great new SEO and analytics tools which will aid us in better identifying issues and opportunities as well as to help us to be even more successful together in building your business online. Here is an overview of these new services: … Read More

“How much do you charge?”

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You’re interested in a new website, hoping it will help build your business online.  So you ask the big question: “How much do you charge?” If you ask many other website development companies, they’ll shoot a question right back at you – “What’s your budget?”  This question makes you nervous, and rightfully cautious: whatever price you tell them, they’ll charge … Read More

SEO – Green Light Means Go

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 Wordpress Search Engine Optimization Did you know that WordPress has a handy tool to help you optimize your website? SEO can be a complicated process – as much of an art as a science.  But after you find your target keywords and start adding meta content, WordPress makes it all a bit easier with its SEO page analysis. In this … Read More