Redesign: Re-Evaluate and Simplify

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One of our websites was in need of a 2015 makeover – it was time for a redesign! The words “redesign” may fill some with dread, but absolutely thrill us (crazy & excitable ecommerce/designer people that we are). Rather than starting from scratch, there is a wealth of material to work with, to sort through, to move around, to refresh … Read More

Great New WordPress Website

MarkDesign, General, Wordpress is a architectural design training service and development consulting firm. Their previous site was hacked and taken offline. They came to us to rescue the data from their old site and to help them redesign their training business model. Previously it had been through live 1 to 1 training engagements. They wished to change to recorded video training segments … Read More

SEO – Green Light Means Go

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 Wordpress Search Engine Optimization Did you know that WordPress has a handy tool to help you optimize your website? SEO can be a complicated process – as much of an art as a science.  But after you find your target keywords and start adding meta content, WordPress makes it all a bit easier with its SEO page analysis. In this … Read More