Email Marketing to the Mobile Market

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E-Marketing to the Mobile Market A recent study found that 48% of emails are now opened on mobile devices, up 10% since September 2012.  Webmail clients have lost that 10% over the year, while desktop email has remained roughly the same – perhaps because of its common use in the workplace. Because roughly half of all emails are now … Read More

Finding a Perfect Palette:

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Palette Love When we are deciding on colors for your website, one of our favorite ways to choose a color palette is to use This social website makes it easy to play with color palettes,with tools for toggling colors and for color dropping, pulling colors directly from images that you upload.  It is excellent for web design, illustration, interior design … Read More

The Red Sox … and Beard Balm


Congratulations to our home team, the Red Sox, on their World Series Championship!   Yesterday we created this for – a timely and fun promotion, sent as an email and set as a slider on their website.  Working on creative online marketing – down to the last minute, knowing Game 6 was that very night – is one of … Read More

SEO – Green Light Means Go

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 Wordpress Search Engine Optimization Did you know that WordPress has a handy tool to help you optimize your website? SEO can be a complicated process – as much of an art as a science.  But after you find your target keywords and start adding meta content, WordPress makes it all a bit easier with its SEO page analysis. In this … Read More

Penguin 2.0 Happening Now: What You Need to Know


Penguin 2.0 Google Search Update to Impact 2X More Sites In case you miseed it we are in the midst of another Google Search Algorithm update being referred to as “Penguin 2.0”. This one according to Google Algorithm Chief Matt Cutts, is predicted to impact 2.3% of English search queries as compared to all past updates, none of which impacted more than 1%. We … Read More

New Facebook Page


Just a quick note today to mention we’ve spruced up our Facebook page a bit. We are thinking about running a promotion for our Facebook friends where we will pay them $100 for any referred business. Stay tuned on that one! Please go visit us at Facebook and “Like Us”  

MacBook Pro High CPU Mystery Solved

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Is your Macbook Pro experiencing high system CPU usage above 60-70%? Maybe you’re only noticing that all your applications are lagging like they are running in quicksand? There are surely a number if potential reasons and I don’t propose the following is for everybody but it seems obvious enough that its certainly worth your consideration. This is what I was … Read More